Week 4 Highlight

(13 to 18 yrs age)

Jaina Jain

A trip to Gangtok*

'Oh wow! Look at that snow-capped mountain out there,' this was the first word that
came out of our mouth when we entered the district of Gangtok.  Everyone looking out
of their windows, noticing the clean and green district whuch filled our hearts with joy a
sit is a difficult scenery to look for. 

'5 more kilometers to Summit Denzomg and Spa.' This board was a feeling of
excitement to all of us.  Finally we reached the hotel and it was a beautiful manor (kind of). 

The first dat,  was ti encounter the M.G. road with our dazzling looks. M. G. road is the
most popular destination in Gangtok because it has all the shopping centers from where
you can a momento filled with memories with you. 

31st night,  being the last day of 2k19 had to be the best so that we can 2k20 with smile
on our face.  The hotwl we stayed in organised a 'Disco Party'; with scrumptious food
and bonfire. Finally a minute to 2k20.  Countdown began,  prayers on our lips and
balloons gripped with wishes. And finally it was 2k20. The night went extraordinarily well.

The next day, we visited the Buddhist Monasteries which were very
beautiful.  Then we had a journey to the waterfalls and river rafting. The rafting was the
best. Unfortunately, we couldn't paraglide due to the harsh weather which caused a
feeling of desiderium among all of us. 

Being our day in gangtok,  we had to make the foremost use of the day.  So we visited
the Tsango Lake. It was filled with glaciers and snow-capped mountains surrounded it.
Yak rides were being taken to reach the mountains,  so we also insisted ourselves on it.
On reaching the mountain we couldn't stop ourselves from messing around the snow as
it tempted us.  It was a memorable journey to the Lake as it was situated at an altitude
of 11000 ft.  above sea level. 

It was a mesmerizing trip to Gangtok and thinking about the trip gives a wonderful
memory that will always be remembered and cherished.


Jiana Jain

I am Jiana Jain, a student by profession and a sketcher by hobby.  I am 13 and a Grade-9th scholar.  I live in Dimapur,  Nagaland,  with my family of four.  I was born in dimapur itself and I share my birthday with Mahatma Gandhi.  I have a proclivity towards piano,  baking and dance.  I am a taekwondo player too.  During leisure times, 
I engross myself in music and reading quotes or books. I have a fond in watching Netflix. I am always inspired by the quote-
"Great minds discuss ideas, 
Ordinary minds discuss events, 
And small minds discuss people."

Charity in thy Name

Ten bags of groceries have been distributed on behalf of Phoebe amongst the migrant workers

stranded in Bangalore due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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