Week 3 Highlight

(13 to 18 yrs age)

Anamika Ghosh

Perks of Impulsivity

Almost a year ago on a really humid July night in Gurgaon, a sheer momentary decision was
made. My uncle and aunt wanted to go on a road trip. A three-night stay decision was made,
location still unknown but the 7am alarms were set. The next morning, as I woke up asking, “So,
where are we going?”. My aunt then proceeded to take the name of a place that I had never
even heard of, Landour. While I was packing my one random backpack, I thought to myself that
maybe I could use this time to work on my art instead of taking pictures for Instagram. Before I
could change my mind, I switched off my phone and threw it in a drawer. As we crossed
Ghaziabad, my aunt handed me her phone and said, “check google reviews and find us a place
to spend the next three nights.” I looked at her in utter confusion and searched ‘homestays in
Landour’. After going through almost ten of them in and around Mussoorie, calling the top 3,
we found our shelter at the heart of our destination, ‘La Villa Bethany’. Bang in the middle of
the crossroad of an infinity loop, that happens to basically be the entire town. Twenty-four
cottages, four eateries, one bakehouse, one one handicrafts store and only one departmental
store. That is all that was there in that hill station I so deeply connected with. Spending those
three nights, having dinners, breakfasts and ginger lemon honey teas with unknown people of
various ages,was definitely worth the digital detox. An 8- hour journey to Landour, Mussoorie
was the trip that changed me for the better as I learnt how to really form a connection that
doesn’t need wifi. Connect with people around, my family and mainly with myself.

Anamika Ghosh

My name is Anamika Ghosh and I am 18 years old and a 12 th grader.

I have applied to design school as I want to be following my passion.

I am a published poet of a book called ‘A Peek Into My mind’

and I also sing and write music.

Charity in thy Name

Ten bags of groceries have been distributed on behalf of Anamika amongst the migrant workers

stranded in Bangalore due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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