Week 3 Highlight

(12 yrs and below)

Aditya Ramakrishna

My experience in Germany

In April of 2017 my family went on a tour to Europe. It also happened to be my dad's birthday.

After touring the Netherlands for a few days, we went to Germany. We had relatives in

Frankfurt, Germany. We visited them on our trip.


While touring Germany, what caught my attention  was how each and every city was rebuilt after WWII.

Everything there was completely rebuilt to state of the art work. Germany has everything from

luxurious malls to state of the art train stations to fit  everybody's needs.


Another interesting thing I noticed was how a lot of the building had solar panels.

One small city probably had over 1000 solar panels. It has only been 75 years since the war ended.

It is amazing to know how Germany has rebuilt itself from a complete devastation to one of the most
developed countries in the world.

I am very inspired and curious to learn how a country which was completely destroyed by a war

was rebuilt into a safe and awesome country it is today. This experience has made me

want to go back to Germany and explore more of it.

Aditya Ramakrishna

Aditya Ramakrishna is a 5th grade student from Miami, Florida. In April,2017,his family went on a trip to the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. He had an amazing experience touring those countries and would love to have that experience again. His favorite subject is geography and he loves sports and writing.

Charity in thy Name

Ten bags of groceries have been distributed on behalf of Aditya amongst the migrant workers

stranded in Bangalore due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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