Week 1 Highlight

(13 to 18 yrs age)

Phoebe Snell, Atlanta, GA

My Experience at the Cape Coast School

of the Deaf in Ghana

In April of 2018, my grandparents took me on a huge trip to Ghana for my thirteenth birthday .
On my first full day there, we visited the Cape Coast School of the Deaf, an organization that
provides education, extra curricular activities, and a social context for deaf children in the area.
After we introduced ourselves through a translator a group of students performed an amazing,
upbeat dance for us! It was incredible because even though they were unable to hear the music
they danced perfectly in time to the drums since they could feel the vibrations with their bare
feet. After the colorful dance I got an opportunity to have conversations with a bunch of the older
kids at the school using the limited sign language I knew--I mostly had to finger sign the words I
wanted to say. I tried my best to get to know them and learn their names. I remember meeting a
girl around my age named Sarah, who was very patient with me as I tried to follow what she was
signing. I was surprised to see how much my effort meant to her! Visiting the school really made
me want to learn sign language because I realized that there aren’t a lot of people who these kids
are able to communicate with outside of the school. I absolutely loved experiencing the joy of
the students dancing and was warmed by how welcoming they were. My experience at the Cape
Coast School of the Deaf really made me want to come back to Africa someday and get involved
in programs like this that make a difference.

Phoebe Snell, Atlanta, GA

A 15 year old student from Atlanta, GA. Phoebe’s grandparents took her on a special trip to Ghana for her 13th birthday where she experienced many unforgettable memories, from visiting

villages to going on a treetop canopy walk!

Phoebe loves reading and writing in her spare time.

Charity in thy Name

Ten bags of groceries have been distributed on behalf of Phoebe amongst the migrant workers

stranded in Bangalore due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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