Week 6 Highlight

(19yrs and above)

Vivek Ram

The Picture and the Story

Turning sheepishly in my bed, the sounds of hens’ clucking and the bell clangs of cows grazing drifted through the window of the cottage. My first day as a helper in a village off Chennai, took off in serendipity.
I was overworked, to say the least. Long hours, business targets, meetings and the endless calls were becoming the norm and I forgot what it felt to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. So after a month, I found myself in a quaint, time forgotten hamlet tucked between the lush fields and never ending skies.


The day started with milking the cows and tending to its every need. To a city bred folk, the sight and scent of a freshly milked foaming milk with it's richness evoked a forgotten sense of belonging.
The affection people here have over the cattle’s are far greater than what most people have for their family, in cities.
As it was the sowing season our next job required us to get down to business, literally. The region grows one of the finest varieties of paddy, Bapatlal - BPT as it is widely called. I couldn't compete with people twice the age and after toiling, the result was a perfectly synchronous row of paddy .It was heavy labour.


I doubt no one will waste food in the future after witnessing the months of work they do to put food on our plate. 
Evening was a sight to behold as the crimson sun encompassed and engulfed everything in its sight while I took a picture reminding of the sweat, blood and work put behind the things we take for granted.
The next time somebody thinks of wasting something, you bet, I have a picture and a story to tell.



Vivek Ram

 I am a banker by profession who gets to travel owing to work but does it more often to be at
peace with myself and finds solace in words.

Charity in thy Name

Ten bags of groceries have been distributed on behalf of Vivek amongst the migrant workers

stranded in Bangalore due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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