Week 6 Highlight

(13 to 18 yrs age)

Aashi Jain

An Insightful Sneak Into My Life

My visit to the electrifying train street in Hanoi (Vietnam) last year, ended up as an insightful sneak into my own life.
The train street was a narrow strip with a railway track passing through its centre. There were houses, barely 5 meters away, running along the track. I went up to a tiny trackside café and ordered coconut water to quench my thirst.

The café owner, Minh, seemed friendly. “How do you’ll manage to live here? Isn’t that scary?”, I asked Minh. “For you, riding the train must be a part of the daily grind. For us, watching a train chugging by our balconies is a daily affair.” She answered. “Yeah, but it must be so troublesome to reside here.” Her face turned straight as I said this. “It’s difficult to accept what we dislike about our lives. This resistance only leads to a bad mood, worries, and angst. The awareness that we can do nothing but wait for a minute or two for the signal to turn green, and accepting that, is the only solution to experience life and be happy.” Minh’s straight face now looked peaceful as she explained this.

I agreed to every word she spoke. My mind wandered to the time when I didn't get selected in
the school basketball team, due to my short height. Since then I have been dealing with my
anger over being short and even stopped playing the sport. “Maybe it’s time to accept me
with all the shortcomings. Maybe it’s time to let go of the pointless insecurities” I thought to

After the train passed, the life of the residents smoothly went back to what it was, teaching
me yet another lesson – ‘In the inconveniences, we should find no inconvenience at all.”



Aashi Jain

Aashi Jain is a 12th grade student. She is currently preparing for IIT. She loves to travel and meet new
people. Aashi visited Hanoi (Vietnam) a year back and gained some meaningful insights about life. The trip has 
changed her for the better. Aashi loves dancing and teaching in her spare time. 

Charity in thy Name

Ten bags of groceries have been distributed on behalf of Aashi amongst the migrant workers

stranded in Bangalore due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

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