The Contest

A wise man once said that the true purpose of travel

consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in acquiring new eyes.



A story sharing contest by Evolve Back Resorts.  

Share with the world in just 300 words, an experience or incident during your travels that opened your eyes, touched your heart, and changed the way you live, for the better.

Mail Your Travel Story to: stories@evolveback.com 

Who Can Participate?

The contest is open to all (except Evolve Back employees and their immediate family members) and is divided into three age groups or categories - 12 years and below, 13 to 18 years and 19 years and above.


Participation Guidelines

1. Only one entry is permitted per participant
2. There are three age groups:
12 years and below
• 13 to 18 years
• 19 years and above

3. The subject of the story is  '
How an incident or experience during travel changed me for the better'
4. The story including its title should be a maximum of 300 words in length
5. The story should be accompanied by one of your own travel photographs connected with the story - Aspect Ratio 3:2 (Horizontal),  Minimum 2000 pixels wide,  100dpi, Max size 3 MB.

6. A Fifty word profile of the participant

7. A profile picture with Aspect Ratio 2:3 (Vertical), 600 pixels wide, 100 dpi, max size 2 MB. 

 8. Submissions to be emailed to stories@evolveback.com 

9. Every email to contain full name, age and mobile number of the participants 

10. Last date for submission is 15th June 2020

11.  There will be one story highlighted on our website from  each age group every week

12. There shall also be a one final Grand Prize Winner for each age group at the end of the contest.

13. The the highlighted stories and winners shall be notified by email and also declared on the site 

14. The decision of the judges will be final and no appeals will be entertained 

15. Evolve Back reserves the right to use all submissions for its promotional activities

16. All disputes arising out of or in any way connected with this competition shall be deemed to have arisen in Bangalore and only courts in Bangalore shall have the jurisdiction to determine the same

Who is the Winner?

The Spirit of the Game

When we all live the spirit of this game, everyone is a winner. On behalf of the first 400 contestants, Evolve Back will distribute a grocery bag each to the deserving among the vulnerable daily wagers who have been hit hard by COVID-19. Each bag will contain provisions to last a family of four for a week. Now, doesn't everybody win?

Weekly Highlights

At the end of every week, one travel story from each age group will be chosen and highlighted from among all the entries received till date. These stories and their authors will be featured on this site and across all our social media platforms. Whats more... ten bags of groceries will be distributed on behalf of each of these highlighted storytellers. Come all you travel lovers and aspiring writers. Join in. 

Share a story, feed a family!

The Grand Finale

At the end of four weeks, in the beginning of June, our judges shall pick one travel story that touches us the most, from each age group - transformative travel stories that were most expressive, insightful and moving. As a just reward for their endeavours to this cause, the storytellers shall receive Gift Vouchers for a three night stay at any of Evolve Back's Resorts in India.