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Rishabh Dosi  

Tofu Never Screams

 “I feel ravenous. Let’s eat something.” I told Oliver, a traveler, who I had met while vacationing in London last summer. We had decided to explore some tourist attractions in the city together.
“That joint looks good. Let’s go”. Oliver said pointing towards an open-air restaurant near the exit gate of Hyde Park. As we reached the food joint, we saw a long queue. As we moved closer to the counter, we saw the counter staff were piercing live fishes with a long, thin, and sharp stick and then inserting the skewer into a sandbox heated by coal at the bottom. The fishes flapped as they got roasted alive—it was horrible. We dropped out of the queue.
“This is so brutal,” I said disgustingly while walking away from the restaurant. I expected Oliver to be displeased too as he was a Vegan, but he was expressionless.

“Aren’t you feeling disgusted?” I asked Oliver as we sat on a bench.
“Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you are not a contributor to this brutality, Rishabh”. He continued, “The suffering caused by the dairy and egg industry is possibly less well-publicized than the plight of factory-farmed animals. The production of dairy products necessitates the death of countless male calves that are of no use to the dairy farmer, as well as the premature death of cows slaughtered when their milk production decreases. Similarly, in the egg industry, even 'ethical' or 'free-range' eggs involve the killing of the 'unnecessary' male chicks when just a day old.”


Oliver then took a pause.
“Just let that sink in, Rishabh” He concluded compellingly.
Today, I am a proud partial vegan, hopefully, a complete vegan soon. I haven’t consumed cheese and egg for the last one year.
No animal needs to die for me to live.


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Rishabh Dosi  

 An IIT Bombay alumnus, Rishabh is a financial consultant by profession. He is an avid traveler and photographer. Rishabh enjoys discovering new places, cultures, and ways of living

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