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Nishka Sethi 

Stop Controlling Nature! Live in Harmony With It.

This short narrative takes me back to the 2018 summer vacations, which I spent with my dear ones,
in the beautiful hill station cum coffee valley, Coorg! After a long research, my papa chose Evolve
Back resort as the base camp of the entire tour, which delightfully proved to be the highlight of the
entire vacation.

At Evolve Back, I experienced a mesmerizing variety of flora and fauna. Before this trip, whenever I
confronted an unusual living creature in and around MY HOME, It usually resulted in an irritable,
yucky and repulsive emotion, as if, we humans have the power to boss all the helpless creatures
around us…BUT, this time when I went to THEIR NATURAL HOME at Evolve Back, that too in
monsoons (when every other creature is happy to show itself its beauty) the emotion was altogether

The concept of this resort is to actually make you feel, as if, as human beings, you are just another
variety of living creature on earth, who is living in this natural home in complete harmony with the
diverse variety of flora and fauna.

A leech prick in my uncle’s foot during a nature walk, a huge bee called Cicada, looks mostly like a
routine fly, but having a wing span of 5-6 inches!!) resting casually on your shoulder, and, on top of
it, a 4-5 feet long colourful snake just dancing in the pond around your private swimming
pool….believe me…nothing felt irritable, repulsive or yucky!! …rather this enchanting date with
nature made all of us fall in eternal love with the lovely natural beauty god has endowed, our own
country with. 

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Nishka Sethi 

 I am Nishka Sethi, resident of Jaipur, India. I am a student of grade VII in Vidyashram school, Jaipur. Travel is my passion and I love nature in all its forms. 

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