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Asma Mohamadh Jameel

When the magic happened

The night before the safari I was dreaming of spotting a black panther on the safari the next
day, and that was the only thing that was running through my mind...

The journey began as soon as I sat on the on the safari jeep seat, my heart was thumping, and
my mind muttered "spot the panther" we were all set to go into the dense forest and prayed to
see the panther. We cautiously entered the forest and we had seen flight of brightly colored
birds, deer’s dancing to the rhythm that of the wind, tigers who were majestically bathing in the
sun, elephants who performed a circus, crocodiles giving a warning, wild dogs hunting on a deer
but still something was missing. We dig deep into the forest still praying for the magic to
happen. That moment it started drizzling and we all were startled. The jeep's wheel has become
perilous unable to go up the slope and the jeep slowly started losing hope, but not me and my
family. Our Jeep driver didn’t give up, All the eyes in the jeep wide open so sharp and very
attentively started to look out and we continued. Slowly the jeep managed to go up the slope.
My mum said: "STOP, STOP," and it was the moment we waited for. The panther relaxed on
the branch of the tree fiercely staring down at us, It had its mouth wide open and the deep
green eyes just going with the look, that is how the magic happened. It was once a lifetime
spotting of the “BLACK PANTHER”.

Before signing off, let us all pledge to stop littering our planet and keep it clean so that the
planet flourishes. Our little adventures will be continued…

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Asma Mohamadh Jameel

Asma is an competitive swimmer who has big aspirations of reaching the Olympics and making records of her own. She is very much inclined to mother nature and wild life. She wants to study
about the behavior of mammals when she grows up

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