Special Mention

Anushka Rakshith

A Trip to Australia

When I was three years old I had been to Australia. On the way to the airport I was very
excited. At Melbourbe moonlight sanctuary I did kangaroo feeding. I had never seen a
group of baby penguins. I saw them at Phillip islands. At Great Barrier Reef I saw many
colourful fishes, even Nemo! From a submarine boat. I saw rainforests from a cable car
at Cains and I wanted to climb trees but I did not because of dangerous animals. At gold
coast we went on the hotair balloon and I felt like I was in space! My parents won many
soft toys for me at the theme parks.At the park the seagulls were chasing me for my
bucket of cotton candy.

Next day we drove to Byron Bay and saw sunsets. I ran and played with sand at the
beach. We saw many small villages, crossed a swinging bridge and found a bakery and
ate yummy pies for breakfast. Next at blue mountains Sydney i happily danced. I saw
the biggest Sydney aquarium and bought my favourite mermaid doll marlin. Last day of
the trip we relaxed and enjoyed the view from our hotel. On the way back when our
plane took off I felt happy and wanted to come back soon again.


Anushka Rakshith

My name is Anushka Rakshith. I love art , eating ice creams and pizza.
I love unicorns and to jump in muddy puddles!
I like going to room settles( Resorts) and trips all the time.

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