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Akshar Panchmia

Louise and Vern

As we made our way through NewZealand, we stopped at a beautiful Airbnb in Thames Bay. We had
only selected that place for its strategic location between two places we planned to visit. Photos on
the listing were average. Nothing to hint what awaited us.

As we entered, we were met by our hosts. Louise and Vern. Two normal people with extraordinary
zeal towards life. Checking in, we stepped into the balcony to the best-view-ever. Open sea covering
180-degree view. Simply magnificent.

We loved the house and hospitality so much that we cancelled plans to spend the evening with our
hosts. We sat there with them that evening, had some wine and talked about a lot of things, their
life being one that struck me as wonderous.

At 70, being married 51-years now, the two of them still so much in love with each other and life in
general. They had their own Airbnb so they could meet new people. They were so curious to know
about us, our country. They asked us a hilarious question. They wanted to know if our marriages
were fixed when we were born. Louise managed two more Airbnbs for others. They had planned on
saving enough to go on a cruise trip in Europe the next year to celebrate their friend’s 70 th birthday.
They were so excited for it. Their spirit towards life made me believe that things will always get
better with time. You work towards your dreams and they will come true. Even at 70, they had
dreams. They had plans. They had retired, but not from life. They taught me that life is worth looking
forward to. A bad day today will not stop a good day tomorrow.

I hope they are well and pray for their well-being.

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Akshar Panchmia

My name is Akshar Panchmia. I am 23 years old. A Chartered Accountant and working with a boutique consultancy firm. My interests are travelling, sports and reading about weird things that
may never be useful in life.

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