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Anay Anupkumar Rathi

The Lifesaver Tree

Four families with sixteen members planned a trip to kodai and Ooty. One of them was our family of
four. On way to Ooty from Kodai in minibus, after an hour of descend, the driver lost control over the
speeding vehicle and dashed the parapet on roadside. The mini bus not only broke apart the two and
half feet broad cement parapet into two but, turned upside down and started sliding speedily down in
the valley. It was scary and shocking moment when I thought that nobody would survive, when suddenly
the sliding mini bus halted!

Most of the passerby stopped to help us. They removed everyone. We were taken to hospital in Palani
by the strangers in their own vehicles. Serious ones were shifted in ambulance called by strangers. One
of the passengers, Mr. Mutthu took all due care of the luggage and went home only after boarding us in
vehicles. We reached home after getting treatment from Coimbatore. Our safe journey and immediate
treatment wouldn’t have been possible without help of Mr. Mutthu and the passerbyes.
After reaching home while I was watching out photo album, I came across a picture of the accident site.
And I was astonished when I realized that the heavy mini bus was stopped from tripping any further by a
SINGLE TREE. A SINGLE TREE saved sixteen lives; otherwise, we would have fallen down in the deep
valley below. I had heard that trees are lifesavers, but that day I realized.

Since then, I have been planting trees. I am sure they will save lives of humankind (actually unkind as
they are cutting trees) on our planet earth. At the same time, I try to help needy people as I started
believing that a small help may change their lives too!


Anay Anupkumar Rathi

I study in 7th std in Podar International School, Akola, Maharashtra
Chess is my passion and I am internationally rated chess player.
Areas of my special interest are Science and i look forward to become a scientist. Gardening, reading, writing, poetry and adventure are my hobbies.

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