All Winners

Though we named our story event a contest, we see it truly as a participation. While the rules of the game say that there should be one winner, we feel we are all winners. Your stories have not only touched many hearts but together as one, we were able to provide aid and succor to the deserving. 

Every journey is unique, as unique as the traveller and has something to offer the one who takes it, and the ones who are privileged to read about it. It was such an honour for us to receive over 200 stories that came in during these lockdown months. Thank you. They have elevated our spirits as much as it did yours and taught us much about the transformative power of travel.

We are all a work-in-progress. Being transformed as we journey through life from imperfections… towards perfection.


The winners of ‘Your Travel Story’ are ….

(Winners get a 3-Night All Inclusive Stay for 2 Persons at the Evolve Back resort of their choice*)

*Terms & Conditions Apply



Winner - 12 Yrs and Below


'My trip to the Golden Temple taught me to be selfless.'

1589648990766_Golden Temple.jpg



Winner - 12 to 18 Yrs


'My experience at the Cape Coast School'




Winner - 19 Yrs and above


'A Bird's Water'


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