When the body travels, the mind travels further...

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In these trying times, when time hangs heavy on our hands, our minds wander in all directions. It is therefore necessary to focus on the positive to keep our minds and spirits buoyant and uplifted.


And what better way to do so than recollecting your favourite travel experience

while doing your bit to help the less fortunate?

The Contest

Are you a traveller or a tourist? A traveller is profoundly affected by his travels, while a tourist only sees what he has come to see.



A story sharing contest by Evolve Back Resorts.  

Share with the world in just 300 words, an experience or incident during your travels that opened your eyes, touched your heart, and changed the way you live, for the better.

Last date for submission - 15.Jun.2020

Contest Closed




(12 Yrs and Below)

'My trip to the Golden Temple taught me to be selfless'



(13 to 18 Yrs)

'My Experience at the Cape Coast School of the Deaf in Ghana'



(19 Yrs and Above)

'A Bird's Water'

Caring For Migrant Workers


Migrant daily wage workers in India are facing the brunt of the humanitarian crisis caused due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. They are amongst the most marginalised and vulnerable sections of our society and are deserving of our help in these difficult times.


Through this contest, Evolve Back Resorts will distribute over five hundred grocery bags to the most deserving among the Migrant Daily Wagers. Each bag will contain basic provisions to last a family of four for a week. 


Millions of India’s migrant labourers are in a state of limbo as they struggle to survive the lockdown. Stranded in the states where they work and cut off from home, they have very little access to any kind of succor or aid. Most of them have migrated to the city from their villages in search of work –  from domestic helpers to daily-wagers on construction sites, building malls, flyovers and homes, or as street vendors.

While the migration of people in search of work is not entirely unique to India, the sheer scale - there are estimated to be more than 40 million migrant workers across the country - makes it extremely difficult to provide any kind of relief to everyone. The fact that they are undocumented only compounds the problem.

Most of them have lost their jobs, turned out of their temporary accommodations, denied permission to return home and are now either living in shelters, sleeping on footpaths or under flyovers. Food scarcity and resultant hunger are the most pressing of the problems they face.

We at Evolve Back have decided to do what we can to help this section of the society who provide us with valuable services but are now facing the brunt of the crisis.